Nurse Practitioner, Medical

Location: Ortho, IT, BHMG and Call Center Status: Full Time 80 Hours Shift: Variable General Summary: Works independently and with autonomous collaboration with physician to provide complete physical examinations, diagnosis, and treatment of both chronic and episodic disorders. Ensures proper illness and injury care and disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. The Nurse Practitioner works within a collaborative model to provide quality care and to improve patient outcomes by strengthening continuity of care in all settings for patients, families, and staff in both the hospital and physician practice settings. The Nurse Practitioner (NP) remains responsible for the patient throughout the course of the treatment, provides the physical examination, the diagnosis, and the health care plan, determines when the patient has recovered, and releases the patient. The NP may refer the patient to physicians for consultation or to specialized health resources for treatment but retains responsibility for clinical management as well as any subsequent medication. Responsibilities: 1. Perform routine and specialty physical exams and document specific age-related preventative health screening. 2. Educates and counsels patients to promote wellness. Addresses and provides resources for health risk behaviors. 3. Interprets diagnostic tests for patient and provides appropriate referrals or consultations. 4. Performs technical and surgical procedures for patients as necessary. 5. Appropriately dispenses pharmaceuticals according to age, chronic medical conditions, allergies, drug interactions, and duration of therapy. 6. Manages workersxe2x80x99 compensation cases, reviewing full work-related incident and prescribing appropriate plan of care. Documents status of modified duty and provides information to patientxe2x80x99s employer. 7. Upholds the professional code of ethics. 8. Keeps all licenses/certifications up to date (including ACLS and PALS, if applicable). 9. All other duties as assigned, within the scope and range of job responsibilities. 10. Appropriately prescribes pharmaceuticals according to age, chronic medical conditions, allergies, drug interactions, and duration of therapy. Required Education, Credential(s) and Experience: Education: Master’s degree Nursing; Must be a graduate of an accredited nursing program/university Credential(s): Nurse Practitioner; Nurse Practitioner – Controlled Substances Registration; Basic Life Support Experience: Required : No experience necessary. Preferred Education, Credential(s) and Experience: Education: Credential(s): Experience: Preferred: Three (3) years’ experience as a Nurse Practitioner in specific area of practice. To view a full list of all open position at Bayhealth, please visit:

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